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Visual artist with a sizeable amount of experience in silk-screen printing. During the final year of his B.A in Illustrations & Graphics (2014-2015) he first came in contact with screen printing and had a chance to experiment with colour, printing on multiple layers and on alternative surfaces such as skateboards.
The year after during his M.A in Fine Arts the next appropriate challenge seemed to be to work on large scale. Thats when the idea came up to create installations with silk-screened wallpaper which was a turning point of my artistic expression.
Conceptually the work is influenced by Idealist philosophy, and experimental psychology with Gustav Theodor Fechner's cosmologies of the "pleasure principle" as a focal point. The wallpaper explores geometric abstract art with various strong optical effects. Combined with the structure of the installation an immersive experience for the viewer is generated. One that challenges his perception of reality and how the mind constructs it. Through the intensity, the extensive repetition and other psychological elements of the patterns and the structure the mind is allowed to sink to its subconscious. This intends to eventually, after spending time in distraction, to cause a mental ataraxia which could evoke philosophical reflection.

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