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a film by christos panagos


60 ' - Feature Animation
2D Animation - 4K
Target audience:
Children 8+ & Families
Produced by Kimonos Animation Studio (CY) and IndigoFlicks (GR)


“1992” is about 2 ten year old best friends, who live the best summer of their lives at a picturesque Greek seaside village. Their story revolves around their last carefree summer vacations before entering adolescence and the unavoidable return to routine that autumn brings with it. In an idealization of the joys that summer bears with it, we come across the importance of friendship in our life and how it creates unique life long


“1992” is a 60 minute traditional 2D animation film with a target audience of children and families. The story is about 2 ten year old best friends that spend their summer vacation at a beautiful seaside village in Greece.
As we follow our heroes' storyline of their friendship’s bonding, simultaneously we watch their journey to adolescence, during their carefree 3 month summer vacation which is full of adventures and challenges. Having a new sense of freedom and independence, their daily schedule is full of swimming at the sea, exploring the nearby woods, long bike rides and of course, playing football. They only go back to their homes for dinner and sleep.
The highlight of this year's summer though, is the European Football Championship which takes place in Sweden in which, unexpectedly, Nico’s (protagonist) favorite team participates. Till Andrea’s (deuteragonist) arrival at the village, Nico was the only “weirdo” who supported this underdog team.
Living one of the last careless summer vacations before the unavoidable return to routine that autumn brings with it, we see an idealization of the joys that summers bear with it, how important friends are in our life and how all these create unique life long memories.

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