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kimonos animation studio

Kimonos Animation Studio is an independent animation production studio based in Paphos, Cyprus.

It serves as the animation department of Kimonos Art Center. It gathers fully equipped and fully functioning studios for traditional 2D animation, hand-made stop motion animation as well as 3D animation and graphics.

The purpose of Kimonos Animation Studio is to provide training in animation, as well as to provide the infrastructure for professionals who wish to produce animated films.


It is also a promotional platform to local and international showcases. Since 2017, the studio organizes the Animattikon Project, an international animated film festival based in Paphos, with solid relations and collaborations with internationally acclaimed festivals, schools and companies.

It provides a two-year training course for students and organizes open workshops for children and adults.

At the same time it produces its own films, both independent and commissioned and runs a research program for expanded animation applications, such as VR, AR, in situ installations and others.

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