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επισκέπτης (ο): [episképtis]
Visitor, guest, caller - a person visiting a person or place, especially socially or as a tourist.


Nina Vurdelja is a performance researcher and cultural worker active across disciplines and geographies, based in Finland. Her interests reside around more-than-human sensuous encounters and ecologies of being together. She is a Phd Candidate at Doctoral school for Communication, Media and Performing Arts at Tampere University, dwelling in meeting spaces between culture, art, and philosophy. She has been involved in cultural and artistic projects with environmental focus in Serbia, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, etc. 

For her residency at Kimonos/UNIDEE, Nina is having a closer look at transcorporelity of water in context of global sea rise. In an intermedia approach lifting off the hybrid, sensing body, she is observing entanglements between glacial melt and transformations in more-than-human coastal habitats of Mediterranean. 

Residency period: November/December 2023

nina ph[23093]2.jpg

Ekaterina Shcherbakova (born in Novorossiisk, 1990) lives and works in Paris. She is an artist, curator, writer and teacher.

Ekaterina is the alumni of Ecole du Magasin (Grenoble, France) and the art department of Paris 8 University.

She has collaborated with such institutions as Typography Art Center, Parc Saint-Léger, Le CAP Saint-Fons, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, Venice Biennale, etc.

Residency period: December 2023

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