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επισκέπτης (ο): [episképtis]
Visitor, guest, caller - a person visiting a person or place, especially socially or as a tourist.

Ekaterina Shcherbakova
artist, curator and writer

- to cover;

- to impregnate

Rally Space, Paphos

December 2023

The solo exhibition of Ekaterina Shcherbakova, artist in residence at Kimonos Art Center, - to cover; - to impregnate explores the phenomenon of name changing.

This metamorphic practice is used in different cultures throughout history. One would change their name in order to cheat their fate: recover from illness, escape the curse or simply reborn metaphorically and live a better life. In Cyprus, where name changing is reduced to a plain bureaucratic gesture, this practice acquires an augmented dimension. The title of the exhibition comes from the etymology of the verb “to name”. The word play unfolds in a series of sculptures and pictorial works made with the use of ashes and blood. All of them are fruits coming from the body or through the body, being a result of revelation or concealment.

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