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επισκέπτης (ο): [episképtis]
Visitor, guest, caller - a person visiting a person or place, especially socially or as a tourist.

Kim Gromoll 
Rally Space
February 9, 2024

Kim Gromoll (b. 1994 in Cologne, Germany) is a visual artist based in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
She is fascinated by the many layers and aspects that make up our existence and reality and she finds herself drawn towards the essence and divinity of life. The underlying origin of everything.
What helps her to connect and investigate this essence are subjects such as Beauty, Time, Light, Matter (the Elements) and Love. In her search for understanding the world she embraces all aspects of the physical, scientifical, multidimensional and spiritual. By doing so Gromoll aims to inspire people and open a door inside each one of us, that guides us towards our nonphysical as well as elemental essence and the ability to perceive the greater reality and spirit that connects all life.
During her time in Paphos, Kim predominantly focused on the connection between Love and the Ocean. To understand and question what Love is and where creation (in physical form and beyond) has its origin.
For this theme Kim embraced a new way to express herself through the mediums of 
painting, drawing and writing.


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