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Christos Panagos

Christos Panagos studied filmmaking at the European Film College in Denmark and computer communications in Greece.
He has been involved with the moving picture since 2002, a passion that came as a natural continuation of his love for cinema. In 2005 he created his first documentary and up until today, although he has worked in other genres - fiction films, music videos, video art - documentary is still his favorite. He has taken part in many international productions and his works have been screened at film festivals in Greece and abroad.
His artistic installations have been part of group exhibitions:
2015 at the Farvergården Museum East Jutland of Ebeltoft, Denmark, in collaboration with the Danish artist Jette Nørregaard with the project “Luft under vingerne”.
2017 with the documentary “Relics” as part of the art installation “The Big Mosaic” which was implemented within the frame of Pafos 2017 ‘’Cultural capital city of Europe’’.
“Relics” was also an official selection of the program of the 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Diversions International Short Film Festival of Croatia and the 3rd Paphos International Film Festival in Cyprus.
In 2017 he founded “IndigoFlicks” a production company based in Athens, that specializes in the audiovisual and cultural sector. IndigoFlicks collaborates with international film production professionals and artists and its productions vary from short films to feature documentaries and music videos to museum installations.
Being also in the role of the producer, he completed recently in collaboration with the National Hellenic Research Foundation, the feature documentary “Science & Orthodoxy around the World” a production which which required filming in 10 different countries in 2 years around the world. The documentary was officially selected in the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and this period is submitted in different film festivals around the world.


Charalambos Margaritis
Animation Department

Charalambos Margaritis graduated from the National Superior Fine Arts School of Paris (ENSBA) in 2012. His work is centered around animated films, printmaking, drawing, painting and comics. In 2010 he studied the traditional icon painting techniques with the monk Paisios Agrapides in the Cell of Saint Archangels in Karyes of Mount Athos, where he resided for three months.
Since 2014 he has been collaborating with the classical music ensemble Trio Dell’Arte producing animated films that accompany live musical performances of classical chamber music.
He currently lives and works in Paphos, Cyprus, where, in 2015, he co-founded the Kimonos Art Center.
He teaches animation techniques, drawing and printmaking. Since 2019 he has been teaching animation in the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology.
In 2017 he was involved in several ways with the production of the European Capital of Culture PAFOS2017 and, among other projects, was the curator for the project The Big Mosaic, one of the bid book projects of the ECC.
Since 2017, he has been directing the annual international animation festival The Animattikon Project, founded in the framework of the European Capital of Culture, PAFOS2017 and produced by the Kimonos Art Center in Paphos.
Since 2018 he is the ambassador of the European Animation Awards in Cyprus.


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Kostas Makrinos

Kostas Makrinos is a motion picture editor based in Lausanne Switzerland.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Technology and Communication (B.Sc., University of the Aegean, major in Audiovisual communication, 2006) and a Master of Arts HES-SO in Film (M.A., Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne / Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design - Geneve - ECAL/HEAD, major in Editing, 2016).
He has worked as a motion picture editor since 2005.
His work includes about 50 projects of various genres and lengths (fiction, documentary, experimental, docufiction, cine- concert, video-art), screened and broadcasted in various spaces and media platforms worldwide.
In a parallel universe he makes experimental short films, the first of which, “Flux”, has been selected in about a dozen of film festivals and art spaces in all over the world.
Since 1998 he has also been a member of various hip-hop / trip-hop / electronica groups & collectives, having written and produced more than 200 tracks released in independent music labels.


Dimitris Mann

Fusing his talents as a skilled multi-instrumentalist with his obsession for analog & modular synths, award-winning composer, Dimitris Mann, has developed a unique voice in film and TV scoring by constantly exploring uncharted territories.
Having honed his unique compositional skills under the tutelage of legends like Hans Zimmer, Henry Jackman and Joel Goodman, he went on to lend his distinctive voice and style to more than 85 films and TV shows, including PBS’s critically acclaimed powerhouse, Nova, Starz original crime thriller, Insomnia, and A&E’s visceral social experiment, 60 Days In.
Dimitris’ versatility is driven by constantly challenging himself. He’s proud to occupy a place in history as a member of Greece’s first and most successful hip-hop group, Active Member. He has performed with and produced music for numerous artists, from world renowned classical tenor, Mario Frangoulis, to
metal bands and synthwave artists.
His recent credits include music and songs for the highly anticipated AAA video game, Cyberpunk 2077, the Netflix documentary League of Legends: Origins, the Tribeca Official Selection VR experience, A Safe Guide to Dying, as well as the film trailers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Rambo: The Last Blood, Child’s Play and Awoken, and advertising campaigns for Citizen and Blizzard Enertainment.
Dimitris is currently working on a number of video games, a true crime TV series, and a thriller feature starring William Kircher (The Hobbit franchise).



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