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During this difficult period and for as long as the state measures for the containment of the covid-19 pandemic last, Kimonos Art Center provides a collection of 10 + 1 art classes for kids over 6 years old. These classes/exercises are in PDF format, ready to be printed or be worked on digitally on a tablet or computer.

This collection aims to teach about important historical artworks, artists and art styles. The children will have the opportunity to draw and paint each artwork as well as to create their own versions of based on each artist’s style and technique. On this version, all the texts are in English.

General information regarding each artist and each thematic artwork

Step by step guide for each artwork Colouring exercises

The PDF file consists of 130 pages with the following exercises:

- Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa

- Giorgio de Chirico – The Uncertainty of the Poet

Eduard Much – the Scream

Gustav Klimt – the Kiss

Pablo Picasso / Cubism, the girl with the mandolin

Andy Warhol / Pop Art- Marilyn Monroe

Pablo Picasso – the Weeping Woman

Gustav Klimt – The Tree of Life

Claude Mone – San Giorgio Maggiore

Vincent Van Gong – Sunflowers

Drawing Home

Earnings from the sales of the digital classes will be used to support the Kimonos Art Center during this period of isolation You can find the collection at our ETSY store or directly through the link below

Leonardo da Vinci mona lisa-001 .jpg
Leonardo da Vinci mona lisa-002 .jpg
Leonardo da Vinci mona lisa-003 .jpg

10 + 1 Art Exercises for Kids

Click the image to download the free sample

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