"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.  

So do it."


Kurt Vonnegut,

'A man without a country'


The Kimonos Art Center offers residency for artists and it is designed to provide a cultural immersion: living, working in the city of Paphos in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It offers visual artists the time and the studio space to develop a body of work reflecting their personal artistic interests.

The aim is to develop a creative working environment using the facilities, which includes the studios spaces, the garden and the library. Each artist could also participate in the classes/workshops offered at the Art Center.


The residency program is inclusive to practicing artists and non-practicing artists alike, to benefit visual artists, photographers, writers and filmmakers, students seeking enrichment in the study of visual arts, and those continuing their education.


The Kimonos Art Residency is designed to provide living and working space, for as long as the resident desires, according to his/her needs.


The Residency is designed for visual artists seeking the time and space to realize an individual project. It includes 24 hour access to a shared studio space as well as the opportunity to participate in free drawing sessions with a figure model. The residents can also enroll in the workshops offered at Kimonos Art Center. It also provides the time and structure to focus on a non-studio based project, be it a film project, documentary, video art, photography, and others. Cyprus’ long history, tradition and natural beauty, offers unique insight and a source of inspiration. The Kimonos Art Center is pleased to host a reading, screening or viewing of works in progress as desired, and artists are warmly invited to present an artist's lecture within the duration of the Residency.



Two room living accommodations on site are offered, which can accommodate up to eight residents (four in each room). Each room offers washing and WC facilities and there is common kitchen. All accommodation is self catering, and basic. The accommodation is youth hostel style, requiring everyone staying in it to take part in a cleaning rota for communal areas.

Upon receipt of your online application we will request images of previous work. We welcome applicants from all over the world.