"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.  

So do it."


Kurt Vonnegut,

'A man without a country'

The Portfolio Preparation Course aims to assist students in the preparation of a body of work in order for them to apply for their school of choice, and to help them succeed getting admitted to it. It is designed to prepare students for Universities and Superior Schools of Fine Arts, Design or Architecture both in Cyprus and abroad.


The Kimonos Art Center provides all the necessary technical qualifications that a young artist needs: it offers academic drawing, perspective drawing and free-hand drawing courses; it organizes open figure drawing and anatomy classes with a model, where the students will gain valuable and necessary knowledge that is required by most of the Art Schools. The Center also provides an introduction to the theory and the practice of color; including drawing techniques (oil pastels, chalk, etc.), and painting techniques (oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, and others).


In the Center, the students are encouraged to experiment and use multiple techniques, and combine them in order to create new projects. This will gradually help them to develop a personal artistic expression and to create a series of projects that meet both the requirements of the academies worldwide, and their personal pursuits in the creative field.  


Additionally, the Kimonos Art Center provides a variety of other art disciplines, which the students will have the opportunity to learn and experiment with, such as printing techniques (woodcut, linocut, etching, monotype, screen printing), photography, animation, three-dimensional structures and sculpture techniques (and all the other courses that are available at the Center as well). It primarily gives to the students access to the specialized equipment that are required for the productions of their work.


Apart from the technical and practical training, the students will develop a theoretical/historical background, a necessary complement to their artistic education. The Center regularly hosts lectures and presentations, which are also available to the students.  


On a regular basis, each student will have a consultative analysis of the progress of his/her work by the Center’s qualified professionals, as well as from visiting international art educators, fellow students and practicing artists, who regularly stay at the Center throughout the year.


The tutors at Kimonos Art Center will help in the development of the student's work so that it represents his/her individual artistic voice and approach. It will provide both theoretical knowledge and practical experience that will help the students to get admitted to the University or Academy of their choice.


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