"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.  

So do it."


Kurt Vonnegut,

'A man without a country'

Every form of art is a process of reflection in terms other than those of science (and therefore non-inductive or regulatory) of an object. Creation is moving towards an understanding that is intuitive and experiential. It is dialogue with reality. It is a meeting with reality.


The animation, before calling it a technique, should be seen as logic. It studies the movement by its deconstruction.


The students of Kimonos Arts Centre who are interested in animation will have the opportunity to learn both the conceptual dimension of the animation (which will be examined in the course and which will be offered in-depth -for those who have courage-in the lectures on the subject) and the purely concrete, practical side. All stages will be studied: from the conception and writing the script, to the composition of a storyboard and finally the creation of the animatik, as the software used for shooting and editing as well as the process of a film soundtrack.


These courses are a practical initiation into the world of animation, constantly accompanied by examples taken from known (or not so known) films, which, in the context of practical learning acquire other meaning with deeper appreciation.

At the same time it becomes clear (always through examples) that the animation can function both as a film genre (narrative or not), as well as a video (generally artistic). It can work as a time-based piece, i.e. a project with a beginning, middle and an end. But it can also work as a space-based piece, i.e. as one recorded movement displayed at a given point.

The specifics of each of the two approaches to the art of animation will become clear to the students (always thanks to examples and through practice) and through experimentation they can discover what possibilities this multidimensional character can offer to their own creation.


As in all courses in Kimonos Art Center, there is accessibility of materials and supplies to establish a comprehensive animation, while the Centre provides an opportunity to deepen knowledge, to experiment and to familiarize with this genre, so that beyond the technical integrity a personal voice will be articulated.



Taught by Charalambos Margaritis








Kimonos Art Center is collaborating with Digireal Studios, which is an Animation and Visual Effects studio, and offers a series of workshops in digital 2D and 3D animation.