"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.  

So do it."


Kurt Vonnegut,

'A man without a country'

Kyriakos Margaritis was born in Cyprus in 1982.


He studied classical and modern Greek literature in the University of Athens, were he composed his PhD thesis on the work of Alexandros Papadiamantis.


He published his first book, a historical novel with the title Yiorkis from Carpasia, in 1998.


During 2001 – 2011 he published 8 books for children, the last of which, with the title The pierced walls, was included in the White Ravens catalogue of the International Children’s and Youth Library of Munich. His short stories collection with the title Short Love Laments received the State Prize of Young Author in Cyprus in 2002 and represented Cypriot literature in the 12th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (Naples, 2005).


Between 2006 and 2013 he published 5 fiction novels. All of them were conceived as introductions to wider narrative cycles which were never published or completed.


His articles and essays, printed and digital, cover a range of subjects, such as military history and theory of novel and attempt to conclude into the ontology of the person and the hesychastic gnosiology of love.



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